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The Natural Year

Circular Almanac

We put the 'round' in year-round

Weather data, sunrise and set, moonrise, set and phase, tides, stars, and planet motions are vividly displayed in this printable chart. Patterns, cycles, and relationships of events in the natural world become clear. Illustrates many earth science principles.

The free, printable 2007 Annual and Perpetual Editions are available for download.

What is it?

  • It's a 24" by 28" full color easy-to-read chart
  • A calendar with weather and astronomy data
  • A unified view of data about the world around us
  • The circular format corresponds to Earth's orbit
What's so great about the circular format?
  • It allows a compact, readable display of much data
  • It highlights cycles, as one year flows into the next
  • Showing different items together brings out correlations
  • It makes a striking and beautiful display

What can it do for me?

  • See daily and yearly information at a glance
  • See cycles, patterns, and interrelationships
For example, immediately see:
  • How the amount of daylight changes throughout the year
  • When the next full moon is
  • How tides correlate with moon phases?
  • How high and low temperatures follow the length of the day
  • When is the sun in Sagittarius?

What does it show?

Daily weather averages
  • high temperature
  • low temperature
  • precipitation
  • high and low humidity
  • wind speed
  • sunshine percentage
  • tide ebb and flow
Daily astronomical info
  • sunrise and set
  • moonrise and set
  • moon phase
  • star chart
  • equinoxes and solstices
  • daylight savings time

Compare the perpetual and annual editions

Perpetual edition:
  • good for many years
  • moon phases and tides are generic
Annual edition:
  • shows days of week
  • shows planet paths
  • moon phases and tides for specific year

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